Corporate Storytelling

With more than 50 years of combined experience in national publications, we write and illustrate content that audiences find compelling and authoritative.

Science & Technology

We have a particular expertise in science and technology coverage. We can help explain complicated concepts to a broader audience.

One-Stop Content Creation

We combine words and images to create stories that work in any medium, whether print or electronic, large format or small. We deliver a complete package.

Independent Reporting

With decades of experience writing for a cross-section of national publications, we can tell your story upholding the highest standards of journalism

Books & E-Books

We don’t shy from long and complex tales, helping find the essential wisdom that we craft into chapters of text, graphics and other images.

What’s your story?

At LaVidaCo, we collaborate with you to tell your story through words and images across a wide variety of platforms, both print and online. Our deep experience in communicating is rooted in decades of work in journalism. We help you identify your most compelling content and translate it for the world to see.

 Recent work

Theater Development Fund: Opening up for Everyone

Animation created with Dappersmith; running on billboards in Times Square, NYC. December 2021

Washington University Covid Vaccine Explainer

This simple-to-understand analogy, written and voiced by Dr. Ebony Carter, shows why the mRNA vaccines are safe for the public. 

Republic of Korea: Innovation Is In Our DNA

Created with BGR PR; Digital + Social Media Awards Honorable Mention

What is a Watershed?

Created for the Lake County (Illinois) Stormwater Management Commission

Recent Volunteer Projects

All In Clayton Coalition 

This coalition in the School District of Clayton works to encourage teens to make healthy choices. We help create their messaging, including web design, flyers, brochures, billboards and social media posts.

Covid-19 Safety Measures

An article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch explained why social distancing and other methods work to slow the spread of coronavirus.
Brado enaged us to illustrate the article to further the understanding.

Troop 21 BSA Scouts

The troop is known as the “Traveling Troop”. We created a banner and branding around their Centennial Celebration. We also revamped the website and created informational materials for new scouts. 

The Mission Attempt

We did all communication and social media outreach for this new North St. Louis County charity, including their holiday fundraising event, which raised $20,000 for 40 families. 

Books by LaVidaCo

In addition to helping others tell their stories, we occasionally tell our own. Below are recent releases.

Be a better visual storyteller

Do you feel like everyone expects you to be a visual thinker, but you aren’t really sure where to start? Here’s a guide to get your juices flowing: Superpowers of Visual Storytelling introduces you to 10 ways visuals can amp up your message, leaving you feeling empowered to generate ideas in that next meeting.

We’re more alike than we are different!

Turtis and Tortle: Wandering into wildly unfamiliar territory, Tortle bumps into Turtis, who looks a lot like him, but lives in the terrifying depths of a chilly stream. When Tortle sticks his neck out to see the other side of things, he finds they are more alike than they are different. Published by LaVidaCo.


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