Book by LaVidaCo

Superpowers of Visual Storytelling

Do you feel like everyone expects you to be a visual thinker, but you aren’t really sure where to start? This short, full-color guide will get your juices flowing. Superpowers of Visual Storytelling introduces you to 10 ways visuals can amp up your message, leaving you feeling empowered to generate ideas in that next meeting. Available in paperback or e-book formats.

A Sampling of Superpowers

Wouldn’t you love to have these abilities?

Eye in the Sky

Fly your readers out for the 10,000-foot view, giving them a perspective that they won’t forget.

X-ray Vision

Through the magic of illustration, take readers into places never before seen by human eyes.

Time Travel

You don’t need Scrooge’s ghosts to take readers back in time to give yout story context.