Can a turtle and tortoise overcome their differences and be friends?

Turtis and Tortle

Early-reader children’s book by Laura Stanton


Can a turtle and tortoise be friends?

While wandering in wildly unfamiliar territory on a terribly hot day, Tortle Tortoise bumps into Turtis Turtle, sunning himself on a log. Turtis suggests Tortle take a quick dip in the chilly stream to cool off. The land-lubbing tortoise decides to risk it, and he cools off quickly. But soon, he remembers he is surrounded by darkness.

No sooner does Tortle throw himself back on dry land, than he discovers Turtis has disappeared into to the abyss. The dripping tortoise waits with growing alarm. Surely, Turtis has fallen prey to dangers lurking in the deep. Finally, Tortle cries out to a nearby Frog, expecting him to jump into action. On the contrary, the annoyed frog is unconcerned. Obviously, Turtis lives in the water!

Tortle is confused. When he sticks his neck out to peer below the surface in search of Tortis, he is shocked to find a magical world. In spite of his fear, he is enthralled. Slowly, a dark shape appears in the distance. Suddenly, disaster strikes! Who will save the day?

In the end, Turtis and Tortle discover they are more alike than they are different.


Making friends • Conquering fear of the unknown • Appreciating the differences in each other • Embracing diversity • Learning to be brave • Exploring new worlds • Helping others • Sharing • Overcoming the fear of water or swimming • Learning the differences between a turtle and tortoise • Bedtime reading

“This book is a bit like Good Night Moon and also like Dr. Seuss…It delivers a profound and beautiful message. I have two grandkids, one six, and one three. It’s perfect for the six year old to read to the three year old, who will love both the rhymes and the illustrations.”

Richard Weiss Writer, editor & writing coach