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Superpowers of Visual Storytelling

Want to be better at visual storytelling, but you aren’t really sure where to start? 

In today’s fast-moving world, the pressure to create a visually compelling package to communicate content is constant. Happily, a vast landscape of DIY charting and mapping tools allows most anyone to be a better visual storyteller. The downside? So many choices can be overwhelming. By stepping back and thinking about what the tools are actually allowing us to do, we start to appreciate the near-magical power they possess.

Rather than ask yourself “Chart vs. timeline?”, ask “Can I show my readers yesterday, today and tomorrow in the blink of an eye?” The answer is YES! You have that time-bending, mind-blowing superpower.

By taking a step back and thinking about the unique powers the various forms have, you can make better choices in telling your story.

This short, full-color guide has more than 50 ideas to get your juices flowing. Superpowers of Visual Storytelling introduces ways that visuals can improve your story, leaving you feeling empowered to generate ideas in that next meeting. 

Available in paperback or e-book formats.

A Sampling of Superpowers

Wouldn’t you love to have these abilities?

Eye in the Sky

Fly your readers out for the 10,000-foot view, giving them a perspective that they won’t forget. Mapping puts your story in context, whether it is local or global. It maybe a single spot on a country map, or clusters of dots across the whole world.

X-ray Vision

Through the magic of illustration, take readers into places never before seen by human eyes. Cutaway diagrams can help people understand how something works inside a body, building, or machine– something photos often can’t achieve.

Time Travel

You don’t need Scrooge’s ghosts to take readers back in time to give your story context. The trusty timeline can relate today’s events to what came before in a single image, bringing them up to speed almost instantaneously.